Primal Branding

Primal Branding is our first thinking technology. It answers the question: Why do some products mean something to us, while others do not?

primalbrandingcoverPrimal Branding looks at brands as belief systems, then outlines the seven assets needed to create a belief system. Those products, services, personalities, groups, and ideologies that have all seven pieces of primal code resonate and create public fervor. Those that do not have the pieces of code, never get traction in creating die-hard popular appeal.

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Watch our movie looking at Primal Code in Times Square.

“What do Starbucks, Apple, the Marine Corps, and Cesar Chavez have in common? They create what Hanlon calls a  ‘culture of belief.’ Primal Branding cracks the code of these cultures—and offers a fascinating look at why people respond so ferociously to them.”


“It’s not the same old branding B.S..”

–AL RIES, co-author of POSITIONING